Computer Software Full Version

Computer Software Full Version


Tons of Features

This is the full version of the astrology software including almost all the features of vedic astrology. 3700 years of panchangam , horoscope astrological calculations , 5 calendars, muhoortham software etc

Best Price

comparing to all other astrological software available in market jyothishadeepthi Panchangam astrological software offers the lowest price , we support all type of astrologers including students and professionals


This single software includes three languages , Malayalam ,Tamil and English, Also the printing facilities available in 3 languages , you can take print of all the calculations, horoscope, porutham, muhoortham etc


  • Configurable Laws of Papatha (New)
  • Print Papatha and Kuja Dosha in Horoscope. (New)
  • Accurate Ephemeris (Based on Swiss Ephemeris & DE 406).
  • Entry and Exit times, Time Elapsed, Time to Exit and percentage Time elapsed of Planets in Rasi, Star, Moudyam and Direction. (New)
  • Wide range. 1800 years from 1700AD to 3500AD.
  • Configurable Laws of Kuja Dosha (New)
  • Grihabalas (Strength of Planets)
  • 31 Planets including Regular Planets, Satellites, Sub Planets and Prasna Spudas. (Lagnam, Sun, Moon, Kujan, Budhan, Guru, Sukran, Sani, Rahu, Kethu, Maandi, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, ArdhaPraharan, Yamakandan, YamaSukran, Kaalan, Mrithyu, Dhoomam, Vaytheepath, Parivesh, Indrachapa, Upakethu, Thrispudam, ChathushPudam, PanchaSpudam, Paranspudam, DehaSpudam, MrithyuSpudam, SookshmaThriSpudam)
  • 12 House Systems. (Equal, Placidus, Koch, Porphyrius, Regiomontanus, Campanus, Vehlow Equal, Axial Rotation, Horizontal System, Polich/Page, Alcabitus, Morinus)
  • 13 Ayanamsas including User Defined Ayanamsa. (N C Lahiri, B V Raman, Krishna Murthi, Fagan Bradley, Chandrahari, Usha Shasi, DeLuce, Djwhal Khool, Yukteshwar, J N Bhasin, Hipparchos, Sassanian And User Defined)
  • 23 Varga Charts.
  • Monthly Panchangam. (for Malayalam, English, Tamil and Saka months)
  • Enter Date and Time in the Calendar of your choice.
  • Harmonics Analysis (Compare any two components between 1 an 300)
  • Real-Time Astrological Clock with adjustable speed to find Muhurta or Planetary Combinations. Displays Rahu, Yamakanda and Gulika Kalas, Abhijith Muhurtha, Rise/Set Time, Day duration for the Day in addition to the relative positions of the planets.
  • 5 Calendars (English, Malayalam, Tamil, Saka and Kalidinam) with facility for calendar conversion between the calendars.
  • Transit Table of any planet for any date range.
  • Gochara Transits Table for any planet based on any planet.
  • Given any Date find Next/Previous Transit for any planet.
  • Rasimaanam (Entry and Exit time of Ascendant (Lagna) in each Rasi for any date and Place.
  • Yearly Rise/Set Table for All Planets.
  • Available in English and Malayalam.
  • Concise Horoscope in One Page
  • Horoscope with Editable predictions.
  • AstroBase, a CRM module for Astrologers, to keep track of visitors, their family details and visits and your comments each time.
  • Stores the Database of Horoscopes Taken, specify your notes with each horoscope with search facility.
  • Latitudes and Longitudes of About 7 million places world wide.
  • Matrimonial Compatibility reports.
  • 11 Virtual Poojas (with courtesy from
  • Matrimonial Module
  • Available in Malayalam, Tamil and English
  • Chart Comparing
  • Advanced Astrological Search Options (Search for Planetary Positions & Planets in Specific rasis. e.g. select grooms or brides with specified planets in specified rasis or select grooms or brides with specified planes in specified houses from specified base planets)
  • Horoscope Compatibility analysis for one against many proposals
  • Proposal Printing
  • Photo Comparison
  • Ephemeris Table for any Year
  • Astrologer’s Diary (Planets cusps and theirs transits for a day)
  • Program can start with last used date&time or with current computer time
  • Export features for all reports to various formats (pdf, html, MS_Excel, MS-Word etc)